75 Jubilee

The 75-year-old Jubilee celebrates and
Fundraising project main objectives

1. Early learners who were taught at the Tsadiku Yohannes School at different times Memorandum of Understanding as it will be possible to discuss the progress of the school as a whole.
2. Starting with a series of classes, various governmental and non-governmental organizations in collaboration with the government and non-governmental organizations,
3. In order to strengthen the school’s financial support, it is important to develop a sense of ownership and to pursue learning.
4. Residents who live foreign country let them know current educational activities and participate in different supports.
5. The celebration of the same event is to take experience in other schools
Encourage them to think for their own progress in their school development.
6. For families in the household who are poor, mother and father, or one parent, children and poorest people who try to start a school meal
7. the ceremony established a foundation the Association of Former Students to establish the foundation to enable the school model of the region to be developed by installing a vertical pillar of the school