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Fund Rising Program

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thanks for these dedicated committee members we have been collected more than 1.7 million birr within a day. the day 02/04/2010 the program was held at Landmark Hotel Gonder. in these time many individuals and organizations have done a remarkable work for the school

75th Jubilee general overview

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The Old Millennial Tsadiku Yohannes School, the 75th anniversary of the Jubilee and Reconstruction Project, brings together the final plan of the school for the future of the school, creating a conducive environment for the individual to contribute to the school as much as its ability and interests. Now the school has set up a challenging, To facilitate a situation Participating in the development of the school’s vision of the future of the school, we will provide a diverse revenue sharing platform, including income from Bazaar, global charities , local and international non-governmental organizations, from various governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions to urban and local investors Individuals.