75th Jubilee general overview

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The Old Millennial Tsadiku Yohannes School, the 75th anniversary of the Jubilee and Reconstruction Project, brings together the final plan of the school for the future of the school, creating a conducive environment for the individual to contribute to the school as much as its ability and interests. Now the school has set up a challenging, To facilitate a situation Participating in the development of the school’s vision of the future of the school, we will provide a diverse revenue sharing platform, including income from Bazaar, global charities , local and international non-governmental organizations, from various governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions to urban and local investors Individuals.

The financial support of this movement will be the following main activities:
Strengthening trainings and visits to support the school’s outreach program. Poor Students Starting School Starting a School Funding for a Second Grade Bond Fund.

The Board of Trustees will be headed by the Board of Trustees of the 75th Anniversary of Fundraising and Reconstruction Projects, and will be executed by one main and 8 Minutes of Subcommittee Committees. As a result, individuals and organizations receiving the charity and fundraising project will be expected to respond positively to delivering their education.

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