school history

Today, today’s Tsadiku Yohannes School is called the Left Bracket School (Gira Wonber school), which is called the “Left Bracket” by the gate on the left side of 12 gates. The school is called the “Left Bracket School” in Jamaica Worship in the City of Jesus in Public Square, Brahma and St. Kirkos Church. It was built, and the school was able to teach the school for the school, including Mary and Bath, including John and John Thompson. It was for a while that the Italian school of Asquacalla de nero had been called. The white school has a stinging sensation, while the inner floor has a large hall on the two corridors with large enclosures enclosed in the upper courtyard.
Continued … By the 1940’s, the0 left-hand school led by the Hindus administered by the Government of England was assigned to educate educators who had come to England to expel Italians by the English name. Mr. Joseph served as the director of the school until the 1950s. In the southern part of the same school, Italy, where the 10th and 4th floor of the same room, were detained in the prison in the prison, then called Kirkuk prison. In the case of the Gondar, the Ministry of Education paid compensation to the jury.
The prison is about to go to the Bata church the name was called a Bata prison the name after Chirkos Prison. As a result, students’ classrooms problems were solved.
After that Student Inputs and Teacher Shortages local orthodox priests was ordained as a teacher of Geez and Amharic teacher. Earn good results until the end of the Hailas of the Trinity Ethics, Amharic reading and grammar continued among the great one Teacher Eyasyu, Teacher Beyene, and priest Yitbareke, priest woldemariam, were mentioned. In addition, 8th grade students were recruited and trained to teach vocational training. The Training was based on English language, Mathematics, hygiene and gymnastic, art and handwork. And covered the luck of teachers as well this was great opportunity for them to get involved in government work with salary. After this, parents was brought their children to the Tsadiku Yohannes School.
The Tsadiku Yohannes School has 21,000 square meters of space in addition The Ethiopian Cochleut Ozena and Cats, have been planted in Italy, still live today. Begins in the year 1965 and present in the wall.

These Are the List of all School Directors Since 1940
1. Mr. Josef
2. Mr. Haileyesuse Bitul
3. Mr. Girma Melese
4. Mr. Bayuhe Alemayhue
5. Mr. Demoze Molla
6. Mr. Yohannes Arya
7. Mr. Worku Sete
8. Mr. Mesfin Mengistu
9. Mr. Worku Tilahun
10. Mr. Awoke Tadele
11. Mr. Tsegaw Mamo
12. Mr. Tigabu Anirew
13. Mr. Lule Barakie
14. Mr. Tsehaye Ayalnehe
15. Mr. Direse Shiferaw
16. Mr. Shimelese Bire
17. Mr. Bekele Haile

Since the 1940s, the School of Leadership of the School of Leading Judge John had already had a large number of professors, doctors, engineers, captains, investors and professors. Although the public is a public secret, it is a public secret that has been widely used in many different fields. Prof. Alemayehu Gogh Prof. Haile Gerima Professor Prof. Mulo Mengen Professor Prof. Mamo Masai Professor Mamo Mulong London Professor Alemu Gebre Prof. Lulu Professor Prof. Mengen Wubneh, Assistant Professor Prof. Mulalabagga A few of the former students Daley Haile Dr. Tigabu Ayalew Dr. Dr. Teddy Zeru Director Dr. Tadefede Dr. Doe Mengenete Dr. Birhan Tesfay Dr. Phase A / Senegal Gondor Dr. Ashenaw Berhanu Dr. Sisaye Yafuru Dr. Assefa Raghavadh Prof. Dr. Haruhaghart Canada Dr. Misu Sharif Dr. Dr. Wollo Hailu Dr. Doha Berenda Dr. Amb. Samuel Teklehad’s Draft Speak Up and Lists Not Specified Professors and Doctors are available at the national and international level. We are also gathering information for our main journalists and we also ask that you be the source of this source. At the current level, there are 164 regular students in Grades 8-4, 754 and 890, with 3844 students and 100 preschoolers scoring 345 adult literacy classes. There are a total of 2472 students attending school in 86 teachers and staff.

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